Things you might not know about Fujifilm x100s

This post is for those, who are familiar and used to work with DSLR systems – few bits and bobs in Fujifilm x100s camera, that is not seen at the first glance, but should be considered.

Please do understand me correctly – this is not a rant. I love my Fujifilm x100s very much and this is exactly what I need, but some quirks did came as a surprise and are not mentinoded very much. Why? I do not know. Probably because they are very specific. The second reason is, that, if you mention some feature in DSLR, that x100 series lacking, you will get flamed with fanboyism without any particular reason. I was, heh.

First things first – I got x100s for street. Was shooting with DSLR before exclusively.

1. AF-LOCK button.
It came to me as a surprise, for example. AF-LOCK button does not initiate autofocus as in DSLR’s – you have to halfpress the shutter button to aquire focus [if you are in this mode] and then, with your thumb, press the LOCK button. SO – it does lock, but does not focus – which will be an annoyance for those, who use backbutton focusing.

2.  Q and MENU buttons.
Forget the option to shoot through the viewfinder + access quick settings via LCD screen + start shooting again by pressing a shutter. In fully manual mode using EVF for now [x100s, 1.20 firmware] you can shoot, but pressing Q/MENU buttons will bring the menus INSIDE the viewfinder. Which I find ridiculous. For bringing menus on the LCD, you may change the display mode, go to menu, change the display mode two more times again – four clicks, while your moment is already gone. In OVF mode you don’t have that problem, but then you lose focus assist [I adore peak focusing, for example].

3. Burst mode with previews ON.
After taking shots, you see a preview of the first image in the viewfinder while the camera records the images. Thus – you do not see an actual scene for a couple seconds [SC card Lexar Pro x400] – surely the thing we are all used to with DSLR’s. That’s why I dismissed burst mode with previews from Fuji forever.

4. In-camera previews
It appears, that if you shoot in RAW, you cannot preview images in-camera with 100% zoom. Add the JPG option as well.

5. “Floating shutter speed”
I called it “floating” for a lack of better name and you’ll understand why. Thing is, even in full manual, you might be surprised, that sometimes your shutter speed, even if the dial clearly states 1/250, is, for example, 1/160. The reason for that is that flimsy control wheel on the back. It changes the shutter speed [as Command Control switch the apperture] within a step. Thus, if the wheel is on 1/250, you can change the speed from 1/160 till 1/400. All would be nice and dandy, but that dial is so sensitive, you won’t even the notice you changed the settings and sometimes [rain/snow for example] the change can mean a lost shot.

And again – please understand, that these are technical sides, that many of new shooters are not informed about. No one wants to make a DSLR out of x100s here, heh.

And again (2) – battery life is a total shit. Seriously. Have at least three of them before going out. Better have five. All the reviews out there do not lie this time – it’s a fucking disaster.

AND – x100 series are truly magical. Seriously.

I will update this, if something more appears.

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