Alvis Lapiņš. GALVA

Te nu mēs esam. Divas bildēšanas divās vasarās un trīs mēnešus vēlāk. Pa kluso, bez fanfarām

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Creating of “Sentiment et Mélancholie”

There’s a marvelous music album out there – “Sentiment et Mélancholie” by Ingus Baušķenieks. We decided, apart from all things, to shoot bits of the creating process.

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Shooting editorial the way I like it

There are different kind of editorial shoots. One is a story about someone or something, another is commissioned work for a fashion magazine… and everything inbetween. I love the first one.

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Using Fujifilm X100 cameras in street photography – tape galore

You can solve everything with black tape. If not – you just don’t have enough tape.

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Things you might not know about Fujifilm x100s

This post is for those, who are familiar and used to work with DSLR systems – few bits and bobs in Fujifilm x100s camera, that is not seen at the first glance, but should be considered.

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What are THERE series about

At the first glance, taken images one by one, they are pretty about nothing [some may say, some scientists believe], but images from “THERE” should be viewed as a whole.

This is probably my most private series shown.

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