Dalia Juodakyte.


Collaborative work with lithuanian artist Dalia Juodakyte. A travel into an everyday life of her alter ego Dovydas Tyla.

Looking for financial support on this one.

Latvian Gothic. Jack Daniels and Maxima.


Project will be presented on autumn/winter 2018.

Looking for funds for this awesomeness.

Pavasars. PND.


I truly have no name for this project. Yet. Sometimes I meet interesting people and just offer/ask them for a session at their home or places, where they create. It’s an intimate project, where everything is meant to be natural. With their permission, I visit their living spaces, we have some beer and I shoot them the way I feel them. No guidelines there. Not everybody agrees. It’s a slow process with one shooting happening once in a half a year. Both sides have to be comfortable enough with the idea, possibility of no results and sometimes, that commerce is not involved and it’s just for history.

Street photography. Āgenskalns.


Essentially everything comes from this. It’s the thing that started million years ago and will never end. I have always a camera with me and this is never ending work. I do try to create something more than just capturing street life – human being is always the main part of the story. A Photograph, that need an explanation, is not a good one. I hate captions for street photograph. And if someone asks you, which looks better – color or black/white – tell them to delete the image and move on.

Kafija un Mafija bildēšanā.


That’s the band I am working really close together. When they talk about music, I speak less, when about the imaginery – they do. They came up to me after my exhibition a few years back [was it 2013?] and wanted to do a shoot for their album. It went well and through the process we became good friends who thinK along . Now we are working on the next album. It’s conceptual and dark, and damn thought through, as the lyrics and sound. The integral part of the planning a shoot is listening into the piece, figuring out the signs, what will work and what’s too much. Fun and responsible work.



I do have them in both worlds: photography and retouching.
I find all those long
[or not so long]
lists pretentious, thus you’ll have to ask for one of mine.